"Decide what to be and go be it" -Avett Brothers

From a lesson:

  • Eric Smiley: What day is it?
  • Student: Uhh Tuesday?
  • Eric Smiley: What day is it?
  • Student: ...The 24th?
  • Eric Smiley: What day is it?
  • Student: ...
  • Eric Smiley: See I keep asking you the same question, and you gave me the right answer, but I didn't accept it as such. So you changed your answer, and you got frustrated and confused. When you don't thank your horse for giving you the right answer, he does the same.


People often ask me why there are so many crazy people in the equestrian world. My response is that it takes a crazy person to pay an obscene amount of money to jump horses over wooden sticks.

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Tommy was not having a good day today.

As I was bringing him in from the field, he touched the hotwire and bolted out to the back of the pasture… Ten I had to go get him again and after that he got spooked twice as I was bathing him and first time broke his lead rope, and the second time broke his halter, great. Then he was soo not impressed as I was washing his face and braiding him… Just an all round bad day for the big guy. LOL I laughed at him a bunch.. But I sorta felt bad so I have him extra treats.

Had Myles, my body worker, work on Gypsy today too. He made her look way better. Her hind end was extremely tight but he was able to loosen a bunch of stuff, more than he’d be able to do normally on the first treatment, he said.
So he thinks she won’t need a second treatment unless she tightens way up again. That makes me happy. And she’s going to get her shoes back on this week too! :)


So wonderful followers, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!

Over the last wee while I’ve collect a bit too much art, weather they are experiments, examples or commissions that people have not paid for! So I’m giving one lucky a winner a A3 Original!

A few rules:

  •  You must be follow Me and Me again
  • Must go and Like my Facebook Page
  • reblogs only
  • I’ll ship anywhere
  • reblog as much as you want
  • if u have any questions please ask
  • Theres a catch - Not all the pieces above are available (You won’t know what you get until it arrives)
  • Will draw winner when I have 1000 followers 

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