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Anonymous asked: PLEASE ANSWER: my horse has an abscess under his throat, im worried it's strangles, or could it just be an abscess? It's the size of a 50cent coin and he hasn't gone off the property either.


Strangles has more symptoms than just the swollen lymph nodes - if your horse doesn’t have a fever, isn’t snotty and isn’t coughing I wouldn’t be worried about strangles but I WOULD have the vet out to check any unusual mass.

just want to say that i knew a mare that had two big swellings under her jaw about 7-8 yrs ago, no other symptoms bright disposition, eating and drinking well, no nasal discharge, and lots of energy. But she was diagnosed with strangles, after the lumps ruptured…. but these swellings were a lot bigger than a coin..




Saddles are cheats

Okay also she said in one of her “how to tack up..” That she uses a hackomore ((I think I spelled that right?)) and then she puts up a video on how hackomores are worse than bits?

Hackamore* :)

my favorite is when she says that whenever you start a horse over jumps you should always use a western saddle or an ‘english saddle with a horn’, so you can hold onto the horn in case the horse refuses…..

o rly? 

poor child, she’s going to grow up and realize how silly she sounds in these videos… hopefully.  


The St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow

Heavy snowfall set the scene for Team Ralph Lauren at the 30th Anniversary of The St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow

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Fellow equestrian people! I HIGHLY recommend these flat work ground pole exercises! Had an hour long ride that was strictly surrounding these poles and it was a great workout for both me and my horse. It’s very simple and you can come up with any patterns you desire. I made up 4 different patterns that weren’t on here. I would also make my horse do pivots and 2-point turns in the middle. Had so much fun doing it. I would suggest that you start with the poles about 4 to 5 stride lengths apart just to get a feel of how your horse will move through it and then shorten it to a minimum of 2 strides, or 1 if your horse makes tight enough turns. Can do these at any gait and any discipline.

I do these once a week with Riley and some variation of them every ride on Arrow! Highly recommended, especially for horses who get bored easily!

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